Who We Are

Our school based programming develops the next generation of young leaders and prepares them to be authors of their own story.

Our programming serves 10th through 12th graders in participating schools, by preparing them to be resilient thinkers, dreamers, and leaders. We accomplish this through hands-on workshops that promote personal growth, social-emotional learning, workforce development and the exploration of cultural identity.

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Our School Partners

We currently have three school partnerships:

1. KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate in Lynn

2. Lawrence High School in Lawrence

3. Cathedral High School in Boston.


What We Do

Chica Project’s staff and mentors create a distinctive space where young women can begin to explore various aspects of their identities and how they interplay within the environments and systems they are a part of. We engage participants in thoughtful activities and discussions that may not be available to them in everyday life. Within the walls of their schools, participants build a deeper sense of community, increase their sense of engagement through enrichment activities, and prepare for college and the workforce.

Recognizing and embracing the multiple facets of our cultures, along with the daily challenges young women, our 5-month curriculum equips participants with the tools needed to navigate the obstacles that come with having limited access to education, financial stability, social capital, and political power. It inspires, motivates and equips a group of 15-25 participants to be leaders in their lives, schools, and communities.


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Please stay tuned for our school based application coming out soon!